Highway Department

Town of Red Hook

The Highway Department’s primary function is to maintain and improve the Town’s infrastructure of roads and bridges.

The Highway Department has six employees that maintain approximately 57.34 miles or 116 lane miles of road.

Town of Red Hook Highway Superintendent is featured in the MarTown of Red Hook Highway Superintendent Theresa Burke Featured in Superintendent's Profilech issue of Superintendent's Profile. To read the article, follow this link: Highway Superintendent Theresa Burke

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Emergency response during extreme weather events and disasters
  • Maintenance and reconstruction of town roads and bridges
  • Maintenance and repair of town owned culvert pipes and catch basins
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of town-owned vehicles, equipment and buildings housing them
  • Roadside debris removal
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Town traffic sign replacement and repair
  • Hazardous tree removal
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