Sustainable Communities Program

The CAC is proud to support the efforts to get a Sustainable Community Certification from Audubon International.  Visit the Art Boxes!

Art Boxes around Red Hook

There are currently four host sites for the SCP Art Boxes. Greig Farm (by the goats), St. Margaret's (by Holy Cow), Red Hook Community Center (by the free Clothing Closet) and Key Bank (across from Equis Art Gallery).

2023 Artists: 

Mimi Czajka Graminski, a multi-disciplinary artist working in a variety of media - sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, photography, video. Her work is wide ranging, and is consistently based in the exploration of materials, light and color.

Barbara Westermann, a sculptor and installation artist. Her sculptures, prints, and drawings are minimalist and conceptual, with an emphasis on social sculpture, urban planning, geometry, geophysical mapping, and music. Barbara uses site-specific work that involves sculpture, prints, architecture, and engineering. She uses sculpture to ‘embody’ utilitarian objects.  

Perry Allen is a multi-disciplinary artist often using film/video, performance, music, and civic space. He likes to think about nature, place, and the boundaries of subjectivity.

Daniel Baxter is an award-winning illustrator and fine artist. His goal is to create clever & witty solutions for each project he works on. He provides creative content for magazines, newspapers, children's books, websites as well as creating his own fine artwork.  

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