Deer Removal Policy

The Town of Red Hook Highway Department is responsible for removing dead deer in the right of way on Town Roads. The Town right of way is typically 25 feet from the center of the road, less on certain “roads by use”. Deer beyond this boundary will not be retrieved. Deer pick up is limited to normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Red Hook Town Roads are listed on our website.

 For a Dutchess County Road, call 845-486-2900. For a State Highway, call 845-758-6270, for a Red Hook Village Road, call 845-758-1081, for a Tivoli Village Road, call 845-757-3219.

Due to an outbreak of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease among the local deer population, the number of “dead deer pick up” calls to the Town Highway Department have increased significantly. Please be advised that we cannot remove deer on private property. This outbreak should subside with the first hard frost, typically mid-October, which kills the insects that transmit the disease to the deer.

  Thank you,

Theresa Burke, Highway Superintendent

September 9, 2021