Rec Park Pavilion Reservations & Information

To reserve the Red Hook Recreation Park Pavilion, please fill out the Reservation Request Form or call the Town Clerk's office for information 845-758-4606. An email from the Town Clerk's Office will be sent to confirm your reservation. 

A Printable Rec Park Pavilion Reservation can be printed and submitted to the Town Clerk at the Red Hook Town Hall 

Please review the Red Hook Rec Park Rules and Regulations before submitting any reservations. 

Please note the Red Hook Recreation Park is officially open from 7am-10pm April 1st to October 15th every year. 

Park Pavilion Reservation

    All reservations must be approved by the Town Clerk's Office. Once this form is submitted, the date will be reviewed with the Master Calendar and the Host/Sponsor will be contacted by phone or email with a confirmation. Please call the Town Clerk's office with any questions: 845-758-4606
  2. Brief description of your event (such as "Smith Birthday Party" or "Bank Volunteer BBQ")
  3. Please provide a start and end date and time. Both are required to reserve the Pavilion. 

    Your setup and breakdown times should be included within your reservation period.

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  5. By Singing, you agree to have read the Rec Park Rules and Regulations

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