How are the speed limits set in the Town of Red Hook?

All speed limits in the Town of Red Hook are set by the New York State Department of Transportation. The Town cannot set or change any speed limits on Town Roads without the approval of the State DOT. The State DOT has the town roads listed with a Town wide speed limit of 35 mph, with the following exceptions:

Pitcher lane- 40 mph

Rockefeller Lane- 45 mph

Oriole Mills- 25 mph

The Town of Red Hook Highway Department has brought all illegal speed limit signs (20 mph, 30 mph) into compliance at this time. Residents often request speed limit reductions on Town roads. In order to reduce a speed limit, the Town must follow a required process. When a resident asks in writing for a speed limit reduction the Town board must agree to petition the Dutchess County Department of Public Works and the State of New York Department of Transportation. The County will receive a TE-9 form from the Town and if they have no objections to the request the county will send it to the NYSDOT. The NYSDOT will review the form and decide, based on design and accident history, whether or not to lower the speed limit. In recent years, the volume of requests has increased throughout the State of New York. The State has asked that Towns provide documentation and engineering studies along with the requests. These studies are time consuming and may be costly.

Residents can reach out to local law enforcement agencies to request enforcement on their roads if speeding is a concernIf you wish to ask for a reduction, please put your request in writing to the Town Board, the contact information can be found on the Town website,

To read more about how speed limits are set in our Town, please go to the following link: Procedure for Speed Limit Reductions

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